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Newsletter ‘Salt and Light’ #8

Piglet was a very small animal. For this reason he was able to squeeze out of tight situations. Once when Owl’s house fell down, though there was a heavy branch across the door and the only way out was through the letterbox, Piglet could escape.

Newsletter ‘Salt and Light’ #7

In Yarpole, a small nearby village, I found optimism in the form of an elderly lady with a brightly coloured Snoopy pouch with the words in bold “let the good times roll.” She told me she carried it with her during the pandemic like a mantra, a good luck charm, a reminder that despite all that’s wrong in the world, there’s no use in a cup half empty.

Newsletter ‘Salt and Light’ #6

This summer I’ve reclaimed a part of myself. It was a part I thought was lost forever: the road warrior within. Dinner at service stations, traffic jams, running low on fuel (well, completely out), parking tickets, and loading up the car with amps. leads and high heels.

Deborah Rose, St. Laurence’s Church, Ludlow, Shropshire, 02/07/2021 (part of Ludlow Fringe Festival) by Ian Mann

Rose has been a regular presence on the Jazzmann web pages for a number of years. Blessed with a stunningly pure voice and an innate musicality her love of words, song and singing has found her exploring the worlds of folk, jazz and Americana with a variety of collaborators, including local gypsy jazz guitar wizard Remi Harris, another artist who is due to feature on the Fringe Festival programme.

Newsletter ‘Salt and Light’ #5

A friend took me to Kyre Gardens, in Tenbury Wells – an enchanted land of lily ponds, buttercups, stone faces and secret doorways. I was reminded of the verse I was given as a child by Dorothy Frances Blomfield, ‘the kiss of the sun for pardon, the song of the birds for mirth, one is nearer God’s heart in a garden than anywhere else on earth.

Newsletter ‘Salt and Light’ #4

After over a year of the absence of live music I’m thrilled to be able to invite you to a concert in real life, real time – on Friday July 2nd at the beautiful St Laurence’s Church, Ludlow. Rehearsals are underway and I’m really looking forward to sharing my new music with you.

Newsletter ‘Salt and Light’ #3

In my first gig since December 2019 (!), I’ll be singing at St. Laurence’s Church, Ludlow on Friday 2nd July as part of the Ludlow Fringe Festival.

I’ll be accompanied by the Anne Tupeling String Quartet, local pianist and composer Steve Dunachie, as well as my long-time collaborator Martin Riley. It’s going to be so lovely to perform again