The Rings of Saturn (Official Video) by Deborah Rose

Shallow Waters (Official Video) by Deborah Rose

Wrestling with Angels (Official Video) by Deborah Rose

“When I heard Deborah sing her beautiful music felt like a tuning fork of the soul. You could feel it in the room, we were all in a place of one heart beat and I was reminded of a line from Mahatma Gandhi when he said ‘politics should be sacred.”
Marianne Williamson, author and activist, democrat candidate currently running for President of the USA.

Deborah Rose is a Welsh singer/songwriter whose emotive timeless voice has been described by folk legend Judy Collins as “one of the finest I’ve heard”

“Deborah Rose casts a spell with her songs and her voice. Her music brings you to another place, a place of calm, a place of wonder, a place of mystery. She has dedicated her life energy to service and music, and the result of her hard work is this collection of beautiful songs for us to savour, a gift to the world. She’s a gem, as are these songs. Please give a listen!”
Mary Gauthier

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3 weeks ago
New Concert Announcement! ✨
Saturday 13th November 2021 @WalcotHallNorth , Lydbury North, Shropshire with comedian and pianist Alistair McGowan. An evening of piano, comedy and song.
Tickets available on link below!

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Newsletter ‘Salt and Light’ #7

In Yarpole, a small nearby village, I found optimism in the form of an elderly lady with a brightly coloured Snoopy pouch with the words in bold "let the good times roll." She told me she carried it with her during the pandemic like a mantra, a good luck charm, a reminder that despite all that's wrong in the world, there's no use in a cup half empty.

An Evening of Comedy, Piano and Song – A Gala Concert with Deborah Rose and Alistair McGowan

When a comedian and a folk singer use the same local church to prepare for their respective comeback concerts, the constellations align and these two very different artists decide to join forces and put on a gala concert at Walcot Hall, Lydbury North, on Saturday 13th November, 6.30pm

Newsletter ‘Salt and Light’ #6

This summer I've reclaimed a part of myself. It was a part I thought was lost forever: the road warrior within. Dinner at service stations, traffic jams, running low on fuel (well, completely out), parking tickets, and loading up the car with amps. leads and high heels.