Deborah Rose & Alistair McGowan

The Rings of Saturn (Official Video) by Deborah Rose

Shallow Waters (Official Video) by Deborah Rose

Wrestling with Angels (Official Video) by Deborah Rose

“When I heard Deborah sing her beautiful music felt like a tuning fork of the soul. You could feel it in the room, we were all in a place of one heart beat and I was reminded of a line from Mahatma Gandhi when he said ‘politics should be sacred.”
Marianne Williamson, author and activist, democrat candidate currently running for President of the USA.

Deborah Rose is a Welsh singer/songwriter whose emotive timeless voice has been described by folk legend Judy Collins as “one of the finest I’ve heard”

“Deborah Rose casts a spell with her songs and her voice. Her music brings you to another place, a place of calm, a place of wonder, a place of mystery. She has dedicated her life energy to service and music, and the result of her hard work is this collection of beautiful songs for us to savour, a gift to the world. She’s a gem, as are these songs. Please give a listen!”
Mary Gauthier

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Newsletter ‘Salt And Light’ #15

Easter was a deeply reflective time – more so than other years, as the aftermath of the pandemic leaves the diary emptier than before. There is resistance and discomfort to being alone with God at a time when the town is full of tourists and chocolate eggs and bunnies fill shop windows. I missed my Grandparents who immersed themselves in the Easter story – the sadness, the intensity and then the hope and joy of Resurrection Day. But there was presence in their absence. An Aunty (aunt Sally for those who know her!) sent me some rare writing from my Grandfather’s own newsletter on the diminishing value of the Hot Cross bun! I didn’t even know he wrote a newsletter.

Newsletter ‘Salt and Light’ #14

For most of March I was unwell and missed out on a busy period of work. Yet what felt like a setback, has, on reflection, been a blessing; from slowing down, to budget management and new insights into where the body-mind-spirit needed to heal. My recovery luckily coincided with blissfully warm weather, and part of my recuperation was sitting under a great oak tree at Croft Castle, where I witnessed a large flock of sheep being herded into the field. What a sight to behold. I was reminded of the Psalm ‘The Lord is my Shepherd I shall not want, He restores my soul” – a psalm of comfort and a testament to God’s goodness in the midst of every circumstance.

Newsletter ‘Salt and Light’ #13

Dorothy Wordsworth wrote in her journal, “I never saw Daffodils so beautiful, they grew among the mossy stones about and about them/ some rested their heads upon these stones as on a pillow for weariness and the rest tossed and reeled and danced and seemed as if they verily laughed with the wind that blew upon them over the lake.”