‘Rings of Saturn’ Deborah’s New Single released on Friday August 28

Singer-songwriter Deborah Rose will release her uplifting new single Rings of Saturn on Friday, 28 August.

The cleverly crafted, self-penned track showcases Deborah’s innate gift for storytelling and features a rich tapestry of imagery inspired by earthly and cosmic observations.

The song explores themes of eternity and faith, zooming out of the world to examine a bigger picture of both seen and unseen elements, and looks at how we draw strength from a spiritual, supernatural source and greater power. The vastness of other planets and galaxies, and what we are unable to fathom in the mystery of human existence, comes to the fore throughout.

Rings of Saturn sees Deborah play with genre in new ways, moving into a folk-pop space, which feels bright and upbeat. With artists continuing to blend genres, including Taylor Swift with her genre-defying Folklore, Deborah too is crossing into new realms of sound with this track, while evoking the mesmerizing vocals of Eva Cassidy and Katie Melua.

Written at a workshop with Mary Gauthier and Verlon Thompson in Nashville, Tennessee, at the Vanderbilt Dyer Observatory, Deborah was inspired after seeing the planet Saturn and its rings through a telescope.

Having met with Johnny Cash’s son, John Carter Cash the previous week, Rings of Saturn blends thoughts of the late singer’s famous song ‘Ring of Fire’, with inspiration from circles in nature and space to paint a captivating picture.

Deborah’s love for poetry and its interaction with songwriting also shines through in the track, which makes reference to Elizabeth Barrett Browning’s poem ‘How Do I Love Thee – Sonnet 43’ (Let Me Count the Ways) and the nursery rhyme, ‘Ring a Ring o’ Rosie’, originally written about the plague.

The result is a playful, intriguing song full of word play which speaks of our place in the universe and the importance of faith and keeping people close during times of change.

Deborah said: “The song is a celebration of faith, love and friendship, and I think many people will relate to the importance of finding someone to count on now more than ever.

“Faith is often described as the conviction of things not seen, so I enjoyed playing around with concepts of transiency and eternity in this song. Rings and circles represent wholeness and divinity, which really fascinates me.

“I’m excited by the pop-folk sound of the track, which is different to the ethereal, ballad feel of my last album. It’s been fun and inspiring to work with Boo as producer and fulfilling to take a new approach to genre, moving from folk towards pop, to create this song.”

Rings of Saturn was recorded in March at Saltwell Studios in Cambridgeshire and is the first track from Deborah’s fourth album coming later this year, hot on the heels of her 2019 release Shining Pathway.

Although not entirely representative of the forthcoming release, this single adds new colour and energy to Deborah’s latest collection of inspirational songs. It was engineered by Chris Pepper who can be heard on drums, percussion and keyboard and features Boo Hewerdine on acoustic and electric guitar, bass and piano and dulcitone and Gustaf Ljunngren on lap steel.

Originally from Newport, Wales and currently living in Shropshire, Deborah has toured with Jimmy WebbJudy Collins, Kenny WhiteRalph McTellFairport ConventionBoo Hewerdine and has collaborated with Dan Cassidy, the brother of Eva Cassidy.

Deborah sang on Sir Terry Wogan’s show to mark the anniversary of Eva Cassidy’s birthday and recorded her poem Springtime on her first album. She also supported Holly Williams, Johnny Cash’s goddaughter, in Birmingham near the beginning of her career.

With strong ties to America, Deborah had originally planned to play in San Francisco, Nashville and New Orleans this September. She will perform online for Ludlow Fringe Festival on the single’s release day.

Rings of Saturn is available to download and stream on Friday, 28 August. Deborah’s fourth album is expected later this year.