Its been all about the BBC this week..! I went to the Mailbox on Thursday and met up with Adrian Goldberg, one of my favourite presenters who I used to know from my former NEC days. I had my first proper interview singing live on Adrian’s show ten years ago. He’s always been supportive of my music, and its so much fun being on his show. I played ‘Songbird’ live, an Eva Cassidy favourite, and one of my own songs ‘Beautiful Sky.’ We wished we could have talked longer, but when I arrived at the Mailbox, BBC World Service had asked me to do a pre-recorded ‘down the line’ interview to the London studios to make a short radio feature about Eva to be broadcast around the world! The presenter interspersed Eva’s songs with interesting questions and also included my song ‘Springtime’. Dan Damon conducted the interview on the News and Current affairs programme and his questioning was intelligent and sensitive. I really enjoyed both interviews, it was lovely to experience the uplifting energy of Adrian Goldberg, and then be interviewed for a news programme with a more formal, but poignant approach. Not forgetting today’s interview on BBC Hereford and Worcester talking to Tammy Gooding. Tammy is such an exuberant personality, you can’t help but smile when in her presence. We had a lovely chat and she played ‘Song be My Soul’ the title track of my album and ‘Springtime’ the single.

The best moment was this morning talking to my dearest friend Zeena Lemon on the phone when BBC World aired the interview. Zeena was the one who contacted BBC World with the information. We were in the midst of trying to problem solve a whole host of things, rushing to deadlines and the interview came on the radio and we listened to it together on loud speaker! It was so special to share this moment and was a real mark of our beautiful friendship. Hearing Eva’s ‘Fields of Gold’ followed by me singing Eva’s words “… God will paint the colours on the clouds for us to see”  was a perfect moment and made us forget all the trivialities that distract us and remember the magic of music and this incredible universe.

Thank you to Zeena and to everyone at the BBC for your support.

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