Suitcase Stories 2

New short film has just been released for “Suitcase Stories” a project run by Jenny Davis at ArtsUplift, demonstrating the power of music and conversation for those living with dementia and their carers. It was a joy working with colleagues Heather Wastie, Tristan Jackson-Pate, Katie Jenner and Adrian Banks to deliver workshops in care homes and museums around the county, and to write and record an album of original songs. “Sue and her Suitcase” featured on this video, I wrote inspired by the objects provided by Sue from Hartlebury Museum. Felt good to write a song with a sing-alongable chorus ! We will be performing the album at The Commandery, Worcester on March 16th 2020 at an arts symposium, with expert speakers, and a networking lunch for anyone who is interested in knowing more about how music can help with memory recovery, and support carers of those suffering with alzheimer’s and dementia.