Wishing you a wonderful Christmas!

I bring to you a new song, born of an experience a year ago today on Christmas night when I held my niece, Ffion, (welsh for foxglove!) and watched her sleep, with the profound feeling this moment was a gift from above. I felt so much love for her, I stayed awake the whole night and watched her sleep. The experience was intensified by the fact it was Christmas Night, and my mind cast to the nativity story. I thought of this being the night that Mary held Jesus in a stable as there was no room at the inn. In these times with the refugee crisis, and homelessness rising due to the pandemic, the notion of no room at the inn is more relevant than ever before. This Christmas I’m grateful for shelter and the kind people in my life. This song inspired by my precious niece is my gift to you, and I pray that wherever you are, you are warm, well fed and held in the spirit of love. This video features children in my life at Christmas that are important to me.

On Christmas Night by Deborah Rose

This song was co-written with my beautiful friend and collaborator Christina Nichols, and musical brother Martin Riley, who played piano, and arranged the orchestra. Rela Spyrou plays clarinet and Tim Kirby plays guitar. The song was recorded at the Old Smithy in Kempsey, by Richard Wood. The video was produced by Christina and edited on a bus from New York to Maryland on her way home for Christmas – and with a little help from my friends Melania Evans, Angela Ayliff, Carmen and Suki Marie.

This Christmas song is for charity and I am raising money for “Shelter.”

If you would be willing to make a small donation, please see the link below. The song will be available to download in 2022.

See you in the new year!

With love,