Deborah Rose – Butterfly (Official Video)

It seems today is the day to appreciate Canadian artists with the surname Mitchell. Here is a new video for a song I recorded for my latest album ‘The Shining Pathway’ called ‘Butterfly’ written by a beautiful soul, Melodie Mitchell, from Victoria, Canada. I met Melodie in Scotland on a writing course, and she sang and played for the first time in public on the last evening. I had such a strong reaction to this song, I cried buckets, it was as though Melodie and her music represented all that was good in the world. Earlier in the day I had prayed for Gods help for a melody for a song I was feeling stuck with, I wondered to myself, is it too trivial to ask God for such things …? A few hours later I received an even greater gift, I met Melodie in person. I asked her if I could record her song for my new album and was so happy when she said yes. A few months later she flew from Canada to Nashville to play the piano for the song, she had never been in a recording studio before. She spent the whole 14 hour day with me in Ocean Way Studio as I recorded 3 songs for the album there. We celebrated the next evening seeing Darrell Scott in concert at the City Winery. Thanks to Rebecca Weiner Tompkins for playing violin, Gina Frary Bacon for being there, Austin Atwood for engineering, Jared Bryant for mastering, and Jack Brett for making this video. (Check out his wonderful music at

The video features the magnificent Blue Morpho butterfly, native to Costa Rica, which my dear friends in Montezuma spend their lives trying to protect in its natural rainforest habitat. If you would like to read about their project and to make a donation please contact Patricia Slump or visit their website at

I hope you enjoy this song. ‘The Shining Pathway’ is available via my website and on all digital platforms.